game handicap in tennis betting site
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Game handicap in tennis betting site daily forex fundamental analysis reports

Game handicap in tennis betting site

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There is a solution to this problem and you still can bet on your favorite player with reasonably good betting odds. In tennis handicap betting, one player is provided a distinct advantage while the opponent player is provided a disadvantage or a handicap to balance their chances to win in the betting process. As we are well aware, in a tennis match one player is favorite to win in most of the occasions.

To mitigate this impression, handicap betting focused more on the performance of these two players rather than the final result of the match. It means John Isner has a head start of 3. At the end of the best-of-three-set match, say the result of the match was , and in favor of Novak Djokovic, means he won 18 games against 16 pocketed by John Isner.

Though the real match was won by Novak Djokovic, John Isner is the clear winner of your bet after applying the handicap. Types of Handicap Betting There are two types of handicap betting, the positive and negative handicap.

In a positive handicap, the weaker player is provided with the advantage of a few games or positive handicap e. In a negative handicap, the stronger player gets a disadvantage of few games, for example The British star won it in 2 sets with the final score Betting on big favourites like this, however, means very small returns for a proportionately high risk, which is where handicap betting comes into play.

Why handicaps are used in tennis betting When a huge favourite plays against an underdog, the low odds can be unattractive to bettors, who don't see much value in tying up a part of their bankroll for a small potential reward. The handicap markets are valuable when betting on a match with a clear favourite, as the moneyline odds offer low reward-to-risk ratios.

By betting on a handicap market, you are not predicting the actual winner, but rather how a player performs. As such, the handicap is factored into the final score to determine whether the bet is a winning one. The handicap markets are valuable when betting on a match with a clear favourite. This can be achieved either by betting on the favorite with a negative handicap or on the outsider with a positive handicap. In the Murray against De Schepper match for example, the main handicap was minus 5 games for the Brit and plus 5 games for the French player.

Positive and negative handicaps In a match with handicap markets, the outsider receives a few games advantage, i. The bets on the player who wins more games after the handicap has been applied, are winning bets, no matter which player ends up winning the match. Muzza took 6 games in the first set and 6 games in the second.

De Schepper managed to win 2 games in the opening set and 2 more in the second.